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Government to support heat recovery from British Glass Industry

BEIS the department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy is expected to launch later this year the first phase of the Industrial Heat Support Programme, offering up to 40% funding support for studies assessing the technical and economic feasibility of recovering and reusing heat from the exhausts of glass furnaces. The second phase in 2018 is expected to fund up to 30% of the capital costs of implementing the best projects identified from the feasibility studies. The IHSP is a recommended outcome following the Industrial Decarbonisation and Energy Efficiency Roadmap to 2050 work.

First phase feasibility studies will assess the return on investments for best available technologies converting heat to electricity and or hot water for reuse in the process, or selling over the fence to a neighbour or district heating system. The feasibility studies will require Heat Recovery engineers with technical and practical experience in the application of heat to power technologies to ensure the best projects are identified.

The British glass industry produces container glass (bottles and jars), flat glass (windows for construction automotive), fibre glass (e.g. for wind turbines), and domestic/specialty glass products. The sector uses the heat intensive processes of melting furnaces, forehearths and lehrs in its manufacturing process, most furnaces are fired with natural gas and electricity is also consumed by the process. The combustion of these fossil fuels and indirect emissions from electricity consumption accounted for a UK sector carbon footprint of 2.2 million tonnes in 2012 (data sources include CCA data, EU ETS and NAEI)

Heat recovery to electricity installations already operational across Europe, include the 1.3MWe Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) generator installed in 2013 at the AGC Flat Glass plant in Cuneo Italy. The 0.5 MWe ORC generator at the OI Glass container plant in Villotta di Chions Italy and the Guardian Glass steam cycle generator currently under construction at their Goole float glass plant in the UK.

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